Our workshops go well beyond the basic skills that any product manager or business unit manager learns on the job. We immerse you in the best techniques proven to improve profitability for your business. And our workshops are not presentations about theory. They are roll-up-your-sleeves get-dirty workshops where you are guaranteed to walk out knowing how to use the techniques yourself.

Human Fit

  • The Feature Puzzle – Have your customers define your next product
  • Usability Testing – Find roadblocks to use
  • Gathering Insights – Find new opportunities through observation
  • Real-Time Prototyping – Involve customers in your designs

Market Fit

  • Blue Ocean Strategy – Make your offerings unique and highly profitable
  • Pricing Relative to Your Competitors – Turn your business into a gold mine
  • Finding Opportunities – Synthesize your insights

Business Fit

  • Where We Play – Find your product sweet spot
  • Truth in Numbers – Use your financials to find product opportunities
  • SWOT Your Team – Where can your team shine

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